We always look for the best value in everything we do and want to extend that value to our clients. That's why we have formed strategic partnerships with key information management companies. This allows us to supply you with the same hardware and software we use on a daily basis, at the lowest price. Talk to one of our seasoned professionals for dependable advice and a custom quote.


We depend on Kodak Alaris Scanners because they have a robust paper path that is designed to transport paper quickly and gently. Each scanner uses the same powerful transport features throughout the scanner lines. Each scanner has sensors that detect multi-feed and stops the scanner before damage occurs. They have ultrasonic sensors that stop the scanning process there by eliminating missed pages.

Kodak Alaris scanners are not only the most reliable scanners on the market, but the least expensive to operate. The items that touch the paper are designed to scan tens of thousands of pages before needing replacement. In terms of the life of each scanner it will save thousands of dollars.

For the complete line of scanners that Kodak Alaris offers, contact us for help choosing the right scanners for your needs.

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Kodak Capture Pro is not only the software we recommend to our clients, but the software we use to run our business.

We use it for our day to day operations because it is always reliable and offers us the best value for our business operations and our clients.
Each project is different. We need to produce different types of documents for different projects. With Kodak Capture Pro we have the ability to generate multiple file types such as PDF’s, Tiffs, etc simultanously to different locations. Some competitive products charge a “Click Charge” for each page you scan. Kodak Capture Pro has no such charges.

There are many different scanners on the market today. You may have several of them in your office. KCPS will support them. It is an open system that uses standard TWAIN and ISIS drivers. You can use the power of this software on virtually any scanner. Contact us to get the right version of Kodak Capure Pro for your scanner.